Top 5 Stranger Things Fan Theories and Predictions for the Upcoming Season

The American web series which is all the hype amongst younger audiences (18-49 years old) across the nation, is set to air for its second season starting 27th of October 2017. This season is set after a year of the events which occurred in the first season and is speculated to explore the much bigger mythology behind Will’s disappearance.

The series is written by the Duffer Brothers, Matt, and Ross, and directed by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. The plot is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980s and focuses on the disappearance and investigation of a young boy in the midst of supernatural occurrences all around the town. Viewers of the series are hyped about the Upside Down, an inter-dimensional portal and how it operates. The second season is rumored to be much darker than its predecessor. The trailer so far shows Will meeting some sort of large monster within the clouds due to the fact he is experiencing visions and premonitions about it. But nonetheless there is a lot of room for guesswork and we literary can’t wait to see if the following fan theories make it into the actual script.

1.    Thessalhydra’s New Pet

Thessalhydra Stranger Things Season 2

The first up and the most relevant fan theory regarding Will’s disappearance is that he is a human and monster hybrid, though many would state this as untrue, however, there is solid evidence supporting this claim since we have already watched him spit up a slug in one of the ending scenes of season one. We also know for a fact that the “Thessalhydra” also known as the D&D monster which our heroes fight in the first season, is quite capable of creating hybrids by simply infecting its victims. This also leads towards the fact as to how Will is able to have visions regarding the Upside Down. But this can only happen if Will is infected in the first place, so let’s move on to the next fan-made theory.

2.    Barb Takes Her Fall!

Shannon Purser as Barb Holland

Since the creators, The Duffer Brother, have already revealed on IGN that fans of the series will get to see justice for their favorite character, Barb, who was mostly seen concerned about Steve ruining her friendship with Nancy in the first season. Barb is expected to disappear in the second season as we see someone either planning it out or making master a plan about it in the trailer. Which also leads us to our third theory.

3.    Underground Monsters Anyone?!

There is a growing body of evidence which claims that the monster our gang of heroes will be facing this time around will be an underground creature. This is due to the fact that the 5th episode of the second season is entitled “Dig Dug” which is a popular reference to a 1982 arcade game, which revolves around fighting underground monsters. We also know that the creators of the series are big fans of their 80’s references. This can also be heavily implied because we have ample screenshots from the new season’s trailer where our heroes look awfully scared trapped in an underground tunnel.

4.    Crazy and Bad Hair Days!

Stranger Things Screencap

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Our fourth fan theory might upset some of our viewers but, let’s face it, we have already stepped through the looking-glass. The second season of Stranger Things is still focused in the 1980’s so we expect to see a lot of weird and embarrassing hairdos and haircuts. This could also be one of the most prominent reasons behind the majority of the cast asking for wigs instead of making real life changing to their own personal hairstyles. While Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), being the only committed member of the cast, volunteered to change her hairstyle to meet the needs of her character.

5.    What About Eleven?

Millie Bobbie Brown Eleven

Who can forget Eleven, after all, she was the real reason our heroes battled the Demogorgon in the first place. Without her psychic powers, there was no way we could have had a sort of happy ending in season 1 right? But where is she and what has happened to her is still a mystery and perhaps the one most important cliffhanger that many fans of the series will be watching to know about more. Her sacrifice for her friends was very much epically inspirational, but we as a fan of the series we just can’t accept that she has left us for good, and we secretly believe that she is fighting her own battles in the Upside Down somewhere.

Diehard fans of the series can catch the new season of Stranger Things when it premieres on Netflix on the 27th of October. Watch more amazing content when you sign up for Local Cable TV deals, which offers you high definition viewership of your favorite shows at the luxury and comfort of your homes.

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