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Stranger Things season 1&2 poster

Top 5 Stranger Things Fan Theories and Predictions for the Upcoming Season

The American web erie which i all the hype among t younger audience (18-49 year old) acro the nation, i et to air for it econd ea on tarting 27th of October 2017 Thi ea on i et after a year of the event... more...

Mindhunter Tackles Criminal Psychology at Its Roots

&nb p; It i great to know that we have televi ion how which are now able to delve into the darker area of human p ychology, particularly criminal p ychology a it can pay con tructively to educate the audience about... more...
emmy 2017 featured

Emmy Awards 2017: All the Defining Moments!

From dancing handmaid to roa ting Trump, we’ve een it all in thi Emmy Award From creating hi tory to controver ial tatement given by celebritie , thi Emmy piced thing up on Sunday night We’re going to di cu... more...

Battle of the Blu-Ray Players—Our Guide to the Best Ultra HD 4K Player

Blu-ray player are a mu t-have device for any home entertainment y tem AV enthu ia t looking for impeccable picture quality will be more than amazed when they behold Ultra HD Blu-ray content We review and compare the... more...