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Top 5 Stranger Things Fan Theories and Predictions for the Upcoming Season

The American web series which is all the hype amongst younger audiences (18-49 years old) across the nation, is set to air for its second season starting 27th of October 2017. This season is set after a year of the... more...

Mindhunter Tackles Criminal Psychology at Its Roots

It is great to know that we have television shows which are now able to delve into the darker areas of human psychology, particularly criminal psychology as it can pay constructively to educate the audiences about what goes... more...

Emmy Awards 2017: All the Defining Moments!

From dancing handmaids to roasting Trump, we’ve seen it all in this Emmy Awards. From creating history to controversial statements given by celebrities, this Emmy spiced things up on Sunday night. We’re going to discuss... more...

Battle of the Blu-Ray Players—Our Guide to the Best Ultra HD 4K Player

Blu-ray players are a must-have device for any home entertainment system. AV enthusiasts looking for impeccable picture quality will be more than amazed when they behold Ultra HD Blu-ray content.We review and compare the... more...