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Comcast Appoints Elaine Barden As Vice President of Business Development in California

Today, Elaine Barden was selected by Comcast as the vice president of business development and strategic initiatives in California. She is now based in Livermore, California office and is supposed to report her findings and... more...

Comcast NBC Universal Honors the Champions of Civil Rights

Comcast NBC Universal initiated the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement five years ago in the honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Jobs and Freedom March of Washington. In order to highlight the sacrifices made by the... more...

Comcast Announces 2nd Quarter Results for 2018

According to Brian L. Roberts, the Chairman, and CEO of Comcast Corporation, the company delivered outstanding results in the 2nd quarter with a fascinating cash flow of $4.3 Billion. In the cable communications department,... more...