Savings in 2019: Best TV and Internet Deals

Life isn’t easy. Learning begins right at the time of birth. Lessons begin from cradle and we continue to learn till grave. As we grow older we learn to negotiate with more and more tasks. The number of things we have to handle keep mounting and we just keep dealing with them. First of these stages is school. Wake up early, sit in a bus, and head to a place with others like you around. Sit walk, eat, play, study, and come back home. School keeps upgrading until it’s time to face college or university. That’s education for you.

This evolutionary journey from child to grownup is just beginning. Once you’re done with education, it is now time to work. It’s not like you haven’t worked during the course of education but it’s different. This time it is business. Serious business at that. You are now completely on your own. Working long hours and making the ends meet. Mortgage/rent, bills, and what not. Before you know you have a child or you get married. The apartment is not big enough, neighborhood not safe enough, and you now have to move. So much work, expenses, and they keep growing.

Why write everything you already know? In the midst of all these growing expenses, there is a ray of hope. This piece is what can be the key to your savings. Take a break from the growing expenses and head into the saving zone. New Year is just around the corner and you have set your eyes on the target. Let it be your resolution and leave savings to us. Head into 2019 with a savings spirit. We have compiled best bundle deals for TV and internet will save your money.


PackageDownload Speeds Up toUpload Speeds Up toSupported devices





Data AvailableChannels offeredTerm AgreementOption to add new channelsPrice
Choice Double play100 Mbps100 MbpsUp to 81 Tb10+12 MonthsYes$64.99/mo
Standard Double Play100 Mbps100 MbpsUp to 81Tb125+24 MonthsNo$69.99/mo*

*$69.99/mo for the first 12 months. $89.99/mo for months 13-24 with 2-year service agreement.

Xfinity is amongst the top TV, internet and telephone companies in the country. Their services are not new and they know what they are doing. Reliable, fast, and entertaining. With Choice Double play you get local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. On-demand shows, movies, and more programming up grabs as well.

Standard Double play might seem expensive but it comes with its entertainment benefits. You get shows, movies, and other on-demand entertainment options. Channels like FX, TLC, HGTV, and Bravo are included. Standard Double play offers non-stop entertainment for the entire family.

Both packages include 100 Mbps internet connection that should suffice up to 8 devices. With Xfinity you can never be bored. There always something for you to watch. Xfinity also offers Xfinity Stream app. TV on the go with streaming via the app. It’s like pocket-size entertainment.


PackageDownload Speeds Up toUpload Speeds Up toSupported devicesData AvailableChannels offeredTerm AgreementOption to add new channelsPrice





TV Starter and Internet Starter 1010 Mbps1 MbpsUp to 31 Tb75+12 Months-$54.99/mo



for 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

TV Starter and Internet Essential 3030 Mbps3 MbpsUp to 51Tb75+12 Months-$64.99/mo




for 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

Cox is your doorway to ultimate saving on your TV and internet bill. Their packages are ideal for those who don’t heavily rely on speed. These packages are easy on the pocket and heavy on entertainment. They include HD programming, lots of local channels, and all your entertainment needs. Cox is the ultimate way to enter 2019 with a savings mindset.

Cox is not all about entertainment. They offer internet with safety. How? Cox internet keeps you protected with their signature antivirus software. This protection is powered by McAfee and ensures that your surfing, streaming, and internet use is safe. Safe surfing!


PackageDownload Speeds Up toUpload Speeds Up toSupported devices





Data AvailableChannels offeredTerm AgreementOption to add new channelsPrice





TV Select + Internet100 Mbps10 MbpsUp to 81 Tb125+Check local offerings-From $89.98/mo

Spectrum may be a new name but their services have been around for a while. They are no newcomers to the TV and Internet market. Spectrum offers spectacular savings. Packages offered are based on your location so you are in for a surprise. Check their local offerings for the best deals around.

Spectrum offers a wide variety of channels. This includes a big list of HD programming. Speeectrum’s On Demand offerings are like no other. They offer HD content, shows, 3D movies, and much more. They also offer entertainment on the go with their Spectrum TV App. The entertainment is non-stop with their incredible DVR service. They offer an impressive 4 TVs for DVR with up to 780 hours of recording space.

That was Spectrum TV for you. Their internet is no less. 100 Mbps is blazing fast. Surf, stream, and download with no worries at all. Impressed? This is just the tip of the iceberg. 100 Mbps is just the beginning. Blazing speeds coupled with a secure connection is a rare sight. Fell protected with their free Security Suite. Privacy and protection that you have never experienced before. This is not the end, there is one last surprise. What is it? No data caps! Yes, that’s right literally unlimited downloads. No caps, no worries!

Wrap up!

It is that time of the year when you have goals and resolutions on your mind. Health, fitness, and savings! That is what needs to be on your list. Go for a jog, head to the gym or take a swim. Stop looking for internet deals near me, TV deals near me, or searching for the best home internet deals. Stay fit! As for happiness this is what we got for you. Cheap or the best internet plan is not just a myth. These were the best high speed internet deals with a twist of TV entertainment. Let it guide you to a new year full of happiness and savings.