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ChesterBennington of Linkin Park

The Death of a Music Legend: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Dies at the Age of 41

Che ter Bennington, frontman for the rock group Linkin Park, wa found dead on Thur day, 20th July at the age of 41 Bennington hanged him elf at hi home in Palo Verde E tate , LA County An employee di covered hi body on Thur day morning... more...

Top 6 Most Rewatchable Movies

There are thou and of amazing movie out there for u movie fanatic An endle li t exi t for every genre we can literally pend year watching a new movie without running out of new title Yet, there are ome pecial movie that we keep coming... more...
7 Most Romantic Valentines Day Movies featured image

7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Love i in the air…everywhere I look around! Valentine’ Day i almo t here and the movie buff here at LocalCableDeal decided to make your celebration extra pecial We created a li t of our top favorite romantic movie of all time Catch them... more...

Battle of the Blu-Ray Players—Our Guide to the Best Ultra HD 4K Player

Blu-ray player are a mu t-have device for any home entertainment y tem AV enthu ia t looking for impeccable picture quality will be more than amazed when they behold Ultra HD Blu-ray content We review and compare the current top 3 4K Blu-ray... more...