How to Negotiate Your Cable TV Bill?

The act of speech has a great power to influence and convince the other. Your words and the tone of language you use shows the listener the intent and ambition of your proposition. This all starts with keeping a mind that thinks in the clarity of situations. And to have that state of mind, one has to be keen and analytically strong in order to know their own needs and requirements. The topic of this article is to find out all those things that you can keep in mind before making a purchase for your home or office especially when the purchase you’re trying to make involves TV, internet or phone services (since it comes with a plethora of offers); and when it comes to bill negotiation, be a pro!

Everybody is a user of these services: internet, phone, and TV. These are like the fillers of your home that keep an individual—either a guest or a member of your family—entertained, involved, connected and well informed about the outside world. If you have recently shifted or moved from your state, or are about to, make sure that you bring yourself enough conviction to make a decision on buying an affordable service for yourself and your family. It is indeed not an easy decision for it brings a monthly commitment to the service you purchase for your ease and need.

Before we move on to explain all those things that you can keep in mind before purchasing an offer, do a bit of a research on your our requirements so that you know exactly what you want and how much of it, else you will cost yourself a huge amount of money and time. The wise way to spend a good life is to cut costs wherever you deem is possible; and later, use that money to buy something else – better yet, save it for difficult times or desperate needs. Buying a cable service? Go for the best tv prices! Buying internet service? Evaluate your needs and go on to buy the best service. Do not compromise on yourself.

  • Get the Lower Tier Package

The first and foremost thing to evaluate is your needs and requirements. What we are trying to say is, more often than not, we get ourselves the offer that we think is great just because it is offering a good number of channels and the fastest internet that there is; but once you look at the bill and compare it with the number of hours you spent on watching those channels and using the internet, you realize that it was, in fact, a bad choice. You could have done better with a cheaper package offered by the service. This is why we say that it is incredibly important to know what you need, when and how much. Once you know that, you can make a better decision on the subject.

  • Interchange your cable deal with more services

In case you don’t want to give up on the deals that offer your favorite channels, here’s another thing that you can do and ask your providers about it: first, avail the low-tier cable deal, and then pair those channels of your choice with a streaming service or more low-cost alternative deals. Once you approach a good cable provider like Comcast, you will see a number of affordable, typically basic deals on how to lower comcast bill. These packages would be highly cheap especially when you bundle them with their internet service. Once you avail such a deal, you can sign up to at least have the local channels you want for yourself. You can then subscribe to other services like Direct Now, Sling TV, Netflix, and Hulu etc. to get the rest of the channels and shows you want for yourself.

  • Go for the Bundle services

How to lower cable bill? One of the cheapest and easiest ways to cut costs at such services is by buying bundle deals. The best thing about these deals is that you get multiple deals in lesser amount/cost. For example, if you were going to buy multiple services separately, you may have cost yourself a huge sum of money, but if you look for bundle deals—that could be double-play or triple-play—you will benefit a huge deal from these offers.

  • Get a Contract

    We often think that contracts are usually not a great idea when it comes to buying a new offer. You don’t have to get a contract if you’re uncomfortable with the idea. But before you make up your mind, there are a few things that you need to know. More often than not, these contracts are great in a way that they come with terms and conditions due to which they are cheaper than the other offers. Comcast and Xfinity do offer such services. In fact, they offer both services – on and off-contract.

  • Ask for a Discount

This is where your communication skills and powers to manipulate would be practiced and tested. You call the service you are going to get for yourself. When you make that call, make sure you talk really nicely and gently with the representative. If they are willing to offer you a discount, go ahead with the negotiation. Bill negotiation indeed is an art. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t seem to work, make sure you give yourself another try. You could be in luck.

This was a guide on how to lower your cable bill. Keep in mind that you can get what you want if you really work for it. A little effort would not go wasted if done the right way.