How Much Should I Be Paying for Cable TV?

One cannot overlook the fact that the internet, Television, and phones have become some of the necessities of modern life. One way or another, we need one of these to communicate, connect or entertain ourselves. One may think that there are alternatives that can replace these necessities; some would say books, sports or outdoor activities can do the service but that is not true. If one looks at the number of activities and jobs one can do with the help of these services, it would seem unfair to deprive oneself of such blessings. For example, when we speak of academia, we would observe how libraries are run by internet – by which we mean the system is now advanced; there is a great dependence on the internet and latest technologies for the sake of constant working of a system, be it a library or a company. For a safer, wider and authentic reach to the target audience, the internet and television are the best sources. Advertisements of the projects and products could be done through television and the internet in between the shows, videos, and reading the articles. You must have observed links and gifs that promote a specific product on websites. People from all over the world visit these websites. When they find something of their interest in the websites that they are following, they click and reach out to the companies and get the product of their interest. That’s how the internet is helpful in building connections all around the globe.

Having said that, one cannot overlook the fact that the internet is flawlessly achieving milestones day by day. What else a person can’t overlook is the trouble they have to go through while deciding on the provider they want for their office or home. On top of that, they are asked for multiple options, packages, and deals. It’s not easy to decide which package you should go for when there are many right in front of you. So, what you do is, look at each one of them and see which suits you best. For example, you will have the option to buy a single, double and triple deal. Single-play deals would be restricted to a single service that would be convenient to buy when you already have other services that the provider is offering along with the one you want. Double-play deals are usually very convenient for they cut some of the cost from the separate deals that one is planning to get for himself.

Single-play Cable TV Deals

There are three types of TV service providers you will find in America:

  1. Cable
  2. Satellite
  3. Fiber TV

Each of these types of service providers gives out more than 230 TV channels and the price they have to pay for such a service is approximately $72.62 per month. If that amount is divided to that number of channels, it makes one channel for $0.39. Or, let’s say, 3.3 channels per dollar. That’s not all that you need to know. You must consider which area it is that you’re getting the service for. Sometimes the different areas, states or counties have different offers and services. You have to research on it a little bit before deciding a fixed price for a service. This is just an average idea that you can consider. When you go for a singular service, $72.6 would be the price you will be paying per month for 239+ channels, approximately.

In short, if you find a package that offers $0.35 per channel, you should take it. It is a good deal on average. But before getting any package or preparing your mind on it, make sure you don’t make the comparisons between local average to national average. What we mean is, you may not get some deals and services in your area. That’s when you have to do a thorough research.

Double-Play Cable TV Packages

We have discussed how single-play deals benefit a client. Usually, people with fewer needs and TV requirements would go for such a deal. Then when we consider other deals like double or triple-play, we would see customers more inclined towards either getting a TV + internet or TV + phone packages. The benefit that they get from such deals is that it cuts costs. It is also great in the sense that with such a deal one does not have to go to multiple providers in case something goes wrong. A single provider will be able to handle all of the problems.

Now the question is how much one should be paying for double-play deals.

After reviewing multiple deals and packages, one can decide for himself whatever package would work best in accordance to their needs and requirements. Sometimes a single play works better than a double play. Another type of deal that we haven’t discussed so far is the triple play offer that comes with TV + internet + Phone service in one package.

Triple-Play Cable TV Packages

When we talk about triple-play packages, we mean all the three crucial modern time needs in one offer with discounted pricing and increased durability. If the providers don’t offer these services or conveniences, it would be meaningless to go for these offers – the reason why these offers come in a triple-play package is to give people more comfort and convenience. On average, these triple-play packages cost $120 which makes them $26 per month cheaper than getting each service separately. Triple-play bundles, if one generally looks at the statistics, offer the most channels per dollar. Triple-play does benefit you in a lot of ways but if you’re in the situation when you don’t need other services that come in the triple-play deals, you better not go for these and opt the single-play ones. However, it is never a bad idea to get all the services from a single provider so that when you experience a problem with any of the services, you don’t have to contact multiple providers.