Comcast NBC Universal Honors the Champions of Civil Rights

Comcast NBC Universal initiated the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement five years ago in the honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Jobs and Freedom March of Washington.

In order to highlight the sacrifices made by the American soldiers, Voices has dedicated a full-time program for the audience which available on Xfinity’s On Demand Feature. The content of the video is around 16 hours long and it shows the vision of the civil rights champions of America. The video is also available online and on social media as well.

Comcast NBC Universal is proud to present the stories of the American soldiers to make the civilians aware of the services that they have provided for the country and the sacrifices that they have made to keep their country safe and secure. Comcast realizes the fact that the general public deserves to know about their soldiers and therefore they have dedicated this program to the civil rights champions.

You can learn more about Voices in The Hidden Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement which will be featured by Comcast NBC Universal in the year 2018.

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