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Private IP: To Have or Not to Have

Computers and internet have revolutionized communication. Personal or official, they have changed everything. Distances don’t matter and messages and documents can be sent with just a single click. This expansion brings... more...

Top 3 DVRs for Cable TV

Digital Video Recorders are all the rage now, and for good reason. These nifty devices help you to make the most of your cable TV subscription and all those channels you pay for. When you’re at work, or out shopping,... more...

5 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

The inception of the internet has seen the world move into another dimension. It is like the era before the internet was night and the light of day that now shines is the sun we know as the internet. This innovation of... more...

Lag Less, Play More; 5 Ways To Optimize Internet Speed For Gaming

You’re racing your car and are at the last bend or playing a first-person shooting game and you’re a single shot away from becoming the last man standing. Suddenly our screen freezes for a split second and whoops it’s... more...

8 Hints to the Right Internet Connection

Moving? Looking to change your service provider? Getting an internet connection for the first time? There are a ton of providers offering a myriad of plans. Choosing the best option often becomes a nightmare so we decided... more...

TV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right TV

One can’t live without any form of entertainment in their lives. Entertainment comes in different forms and styles. Sometimes it is just about painting, listening to music, going on a trip or playing a sport. It greatly... more...

Comcast NBC Universal Selects Startups Powered By Techstars

Today Comcast NBC Universal announced the startups that the company has selected for its LIFT Labs Accelerator. This is quite an interesting initiative by Comcast NBC Universal because this project will allow them to test... more...

Battle of the Blu-Ray Players—Our Guide to the Best Ultra HD 4K Player

Blu-ray players are a must-have device for any home entertainment system. AV enthusiasts looking for impeccable picture quality will be more than amazed when they behold Ultra HD Blu-ray content.We review and compare the... more...