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6 Ways to Save More on Internet & Cable Bills

Internet and television are the basics in this modern age. These aren’t the basics of life but certainly the key components of life in the technological age. No matter what we need, the internet will help us get through... more...

How to Connect iPhone to TV

We all need to connect our phone to our HDTV every now and then in order to see photos, videos, art, presentations and games on TV. It is something that is relatively simple with an Android device but the... more...

How to Program DIRECTV Universal, Genie & Ready Remote

There are two methods by which you can program your DIRECTV Universal remote. Let’s look at the easier of the two methods first. Method 1 Press “Menu” on your remote.From the Menu select Settings... more...

4 Home Office Essentials

The 21st century has seen a lot of development. Humankind has moved on to do greater things. Making lives easier is the central goal of all this development and progress. The aim is to make lives easier, efficient, and... more...

Guide to Home Moving Across State Lines

Moving your home from one place to another is a big life change. Some people are good at it due to the nature of their job but for most of us it is a rare occurrence. The longer we live in one place, the more likely it is... more...

Grow Your Business, Get a TV!

Blue light has been a trap for everyone. It does not matter if you are a millennial or not. There is something that you have that emits the eye-catching, attention trapping, and addictive blue light. It encapsulates all... more...

3 Online Businesses to Earn Money in 2019

The Internet is amazing. Its utility, usage, and benefits keep growing by the day. There is hardly a field of life where internet would not prove useful. With everyone jumping into the sea that we call internet, money... more...

3 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

Traveling during the holiday season always reminds me of the movie, Home Alone. A home filled with loved ones, everyone with their preferences, everyone rushing to meet the deadline, and at the end making it in time.... more...