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Entertainment Weekly


Awesome New TV Series Premiering Soon

This promises to be a great year for cable TV entertainment. Several series with highly original plots are either in filming or post-production phase. These titles are highly anticipated due to the producers,... more...

An Ultimate Breakdown of the ‘Sexual’ Tsujihara Scandal

March has been a month of turmoil across the media landscape. With some of the major studios losing their crucial assets, a colossal reorganization seems to be in order. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a... more...

2019’s Five Best Shows on Cable TV

With hundreds of channels being offered on TV it can get tricky knowing what’s being aired. Even though you have the channel guide on your set top box / DVR device you may be missing out on some shows that you’d find... more...

What Movies to Watch With Your Partner?

The weekend will be upon us soon. So what are your plans? Going on a date? A romantic dinner, a stroll, and the usual stuff? It is fun and all but what about when you want to stay at home? What if you don’t want to go out... more...

Available to Xfinity Customers for Free – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta

Recently the news of the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 spurred the game industry. On top of that, the users of Xfinity had the privilege to access the game without having to spend a penny on it. These are the kinds of... more...

The Best Bond Girls We Have Seen So Far!

With 7 actors portraying the titular character James Bond aka Agent 007 in 26 movies produced over a period of 53 years, there was no doubt that the franchise would have amassed millions of followers worldwide. A legacy... more...

Top 5 Stranger Things Fan Theories and Predictions for the Upcoming Season

The American web series which is all the hype amongst younger audiences (18-49 years old) across the nation, is set to air for its second season starting 27th of October 2017. This season is set after a year of the... more...