Basic Cable Packages

The cable service industry is facing intense competition due to various companies offering this service to the consumers. Moreover, the introduction of satellite TV and movie sites like Netflix has made the competition even fiercer than before. There are numerous benefits of having a cable television, for instance, it is stable and consistent. In addition to this, cable TV allows you to watch local channels so that you can follow the current affairs and keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends.

Cable TV service can be purchased at a reasonable price if you do not add more options to your bundle deal.  Furthermore, there are so many options for you to get a cable service as various companies are providing this service. Some of the best cable service providers in the United States are as follows:

  1. Spectrum
  2. Xfinity
  3. Cox
  4. Mediacom
  5. Cable One
  6. Optimum

Are basic cable packages offered by these cable providers?

Yes. The local authorities require all service providers to offer the basic cable packages that include local channels and they have to provide these packages at an affordable price. However, the prices may vary from company to company because different service providers charge different prices.

Why you do not see the basic cable packages on the provider’s website?

The cable providers do not usually advertise the basic plans because they do not generate much revenue from such packages. Therefore, you have to ask them specifically about the basic cable packages. Although they are required to offer the basic cable plans, they do not have to advertise them. Cable providers want you to select triple or double bundle deals because they can earn more with bundle deals.

What channels are added in the basic package?

In the basic cable package, you will be able to watch channels like ABC, FOX, CBS, and some other local and government channels. There are some providers that offer additional channels like CNN, FOX News, and ESPN, but they charge additional prices for these channels, this is called an expanded cable package.

What are the types of basic packages?

There are two types of basic packages: limited basic package and expanded basic package. The limited basic package included the most basic cable channels and this package is totally justified by its price. On the other hand, the expanded basic package included the basic channels along with some extra channels that the customers might be interested in. For instance; the expanded package offered by Xfinity includes channels like ESPN, FOX News, Disney, MTV, and some other local channels.

What channels are usually offered in the basic package and the expanded package?

Basic Channel Lineup

  1. ABC
  2. FOX
  3. CBS
  4. PBS
  5. Other local/government channels

Expanded Channel Lineup

  1. ABC
  2. FOX
  3. CBS
  4. PBS
  5. ESPN
  6. Disney
  7. FOX News
  8. MTV
  9. Other local/government channels

In case these channels do not fulfill your requirements then basic packages may not be suitable for you. You will have to go for an expensive package by making an upgrade to a better deal that offers more options. You will have to log on to the website of the service provider in order to check and confirm the price of the deal in which you are interested and the channel lineup that is offered in the package.


The basic cable service offered by Spectrum costs around $24 per month but the exact amount depends in the area you live in. The channels offered by the company are mentioned below:

Spectrum Basic Package Channel Lineup

  1. ABC
  2. MeTV
  3. CW
  4. HSN
  6. QVC
  7. CBS
  8. NBC
  9. C-SPAN 3
  10. Jewelry TV

In order to add the basic expanded channels you will have to upgrade your package to Spectrum TV Select which includes more than 125 channels and this package starts from $64.99 per month.


Xfinity is a service provider that offers the most economical basic packages to its customers starting from $18.40 per month. The channel lineup for the basic package is mentioned below:

  1. ABC
  2. CNBC
  3. TV Land
  4. History
  5. C-SPAN
  6. INSP
  7. BYUtv
  8. CW
  9. Travel Channel
  10. HSN

The basic expanded package offered by Xfinity comes in the package called Digital Starter and it offers more than 140 channels for $49.99 per month.


The basic cable package offered by Cox is priced at $35 per month and it includes the following channels:

  1. ABC
  2. FOX
  3. ION
  4. HSN
  5. EVINE Live
  6. Jewelry TV
  7. MeTV
  8. CW
  9. NBC
  10. CBS

To add more channels, you will have to upgrade your package to Cox Contour TV package which includes more than 140 channels and costs $64.99 per month. You can also customize your package by adding add-ons which offer flexibility to your package.


Mediacom cable TV is another well-known service provider in the United States that offers the basic cable package for $49.98 and it includes the following channels:

  1. ABC
  2. Jewelry TV
  3. HSN
  4. CBS
  5. QVC
  6. Daystar
  7. PBS
  8. TBN
  9. EVINE Live
  10. NBC

You can upgrade your package to add additional channels in order to enjoy more channels. The upgrade would cost you an additional $20 and would give you access to 125+ channels.

Cable ONE

Cable ONE is a service provider that offers its services to nineteen states and is quite popular in North Dakota, Idaho, and Mississippi. Cable ONE offers the following channels in the basic cable package:

  1. ABC
  2. Justice Network
  3. KKIC
  4. 24/7 News
  5. H&I
  6. KTRV
  7. Azteca America
  8. C-SPAN
  9. MeTV
  10. Access One


Optimum is a relatively smaller service provider and operates primarily in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Optimum offers the following channels in its basic cable package:

  1. ABC
  2. FOX HD
  3. QVC
  4. Antenna TV
  5. NYC Life
  6. PBS
  8. C-SPAN
  9. NBC
  10. ION


These are some of the service providers that are well-known in the United States. You can easily evaluate and compare the channels of these service providers and select the one that best suits your requirements. If you do not need the premium channels, you can always go for the basic cable deals that being offered by the service providers in your area.