3 Best Internet Plans for Google Stadia Gameplay

Over the years gaming has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only has the gameplay experience itself – such as graphics, physics, and storyline – improved but the business models for multiplayer platforms and game developers have also undergone drastic changes. Despite the exponential growth, perhaps not since the launch of Magnavox console in 1972 has a game changer quite like Google’s Stadia erupted onto the scene.

What’s Stadia?

Stadia is a streaming gaming service. Essentially it is the Netflix or Amazon Prime of the video game industry. Gone will be the days of spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing consoles, building up heavy duty gaming rigs or owning video game titles. Google’s cloud servers will be doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, liberating the player’s machine from having to run the game on its own hardware.

You’ll be able to play on at least 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second on pretty much any device. If your internet connection can handle it the game will run at 4K UHD resolution.

The crux of it is that Stadia will stream the game to your screen and all inputs by you will be transmitted back to the cloud seamlessly. We all would be forgiven for being a bit skeptical because several questions might pop up about the viability of the service.

The game stream will be adaptive, which means poorer internet connections will have lower resolution display while playing. Google executives haven’t yet revealed whether Stadia access will be free, subscription fee based, or freemium model.

Let’s not be too quick to dismiss Stadia based on naysayer’s predictions. Most of the gaming community is abuzz with excitement. Since you’re reading this, so are you! All of what we know so far points to one fact: your internet connection may be the single most important factor to your Stadia gameplay experience. The faster it is the more “l33t” your gameplay will be.

Best Internet Plans for Stadia Gameplay

If you live in the United States it’s likely your current internet connection is not up to the minimum standards for premium quality gameplay on Stadia. The average internet connection speed in the US is 18.7 Mbps. Google’s VP and GM Phil Harrison has stated that you’ll need a minimum connection speed of 25 Mbps for 1080p 60 FPS Stadia gameplay. You’ll need at least 30 Mbps for 4K UHD gameplay.

That raises the question; which are the best internet plans for gaming on Stadia? You’ve got be ready for the platform’s launch in 2019 by levelling up your connection. We’ve looked at the Internet Service Provider packages and come up with the three most suited internet plans to get you playing on Google’s Stadia with no lag, minimal latency, and most reliable uptime.

Simply FiOS 200/200

College students living off-campus and young people who’re living away from home often have to share an internet connection with several other people. The more users and devices connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, the less likely everyone is to enjoy a premium blazing fast internet experience.

Frontier’s Simply FiOS 200/200 plan is just what the doctor ordered for an avid gamer like yourself who shares an internet connection with other users. It guarantees equal download and upload speed of 200 Mbps. Given that Stadia will require significant upload speed as well it’s likely you’ll get the best out of the platform with this plan.

If you live in IN, WA, OR, CA, TX or FL and signing up for Frontier’s FiOS 200/200 single play internet plan for the first time under a 2 year service contract you can get this speed for $39.99/month. What could be better? Amazing speed at a reasonable fee. Another important feature is that there’s no data limit on Frontier’s offer. Get more details on the FiOS plan now.

AT&T Internet 50

For a gamer looking for a plan in the middle lane of the internet highway the AT&T Internet 50 is a good bet. The plan comes from an old player in the internet business. It’s a household brand so you know your internet service is in good hands.

On Internet 50 you get 50 Mbps speed. The data cap is 1 TB which is more than enough for a month’s use of streaming services such YouTube, Spotify, and gaming so there’s no reason why Google won’t make sure it’s enough for Stadia.

The Internet 50 plan will cost $50/month. This price covers additional features such as Wi-Fi router for home, and access to the vast national network of AT&T wireless hotspots. AT&T not only keeps you happy at home, it hooks you up with internet while you’re out in the world!

Get more details on AT&T Internet 50 now.

Windstream Enhanced Kinetic Internet

If you’re content with playing on Stadia at 1080p 60 FPS and don’t have many other users sharing the Wi-Fi, Windstream’s Enhanced Kinetic Internet is the right fit for you. You’ll get download speed of 25 Mbps which is the recommended speed by Stadia representatives. The upload speed is on the slower side but Google will optimize its platform to make sure your controller inputs at 4 Mbps upload speed doesn’t cause any lag.

Windstream has no data cap on this plan, which is great. By signing up now you’ll get a promo price of $35/month with no strings attached (no contract!). That means if you feel Enhanced Kinetic Internet plan isn’t performing up to the mark on Stadia platform, you can drop it at any time without incurring early termination fee.

Get more details on Windstream internet now.

Parting shot

Details are still fuzzy on exactly how the Google Stadia will work. But nobody can deny the importance of a lightning fast internet connection in order to play. This is pretty much the only responsibility of yours to experience the ultimate in gaming in 2019.

Be a pioneer. Join Google Stadia’s legion of supporters and step into the future of gaming. To compare the best internet service providers and plans in your area, check out Local Cable Deals.

See you at Stadia!