2019’s Five Best Shows on Cable TV

With hundreds of channels being offered on TV it can get tricky knowing what’s being aired. Even though you have the channel guide on your set top box / DVR device you may be missing out on some shows that you’d find entertaining if you watched them.

We’ve looked at the prime time slots on all channels and picked out a selection of shows ranging from drama, comedy, reality TV, kids series. Check out the synopsis of TV series you may find interesting, and if any of them sound like something you might enjoy, set your DVR to record them.

Maybe you’ll fall in love with a show and get hooked. Let’s dive into the best shows being telecast on cable TV in 2019.

Dynasty (2017)

Is it just us or do reimagined TV shows usually fail to live up to the original’s standard? Dynasty is a series which defies the reboot curse. The premise is similar to the original version: the ups and downs of relationships between a wealthy family, fraught with machinations and hopes and dreams.

Elizabeth Gillies shines in reprising the character of Fallon Carrington. Grant Show, Nathalie Kelley, James Mackay, Robert Christopher Riley, Sam Adegoke, Rafael de la Fuente, and Alan Dale comprise the cast for other major characters.

This series reminds you of the heydays of the soap opera era. Not only is it reminiscent of the original Dynasty, but The Bold and The Beautiful, and Santa Barbara as well.

The current Dynasty series has been renewed for a 3rd season in 2019. Catch the show on the CW channel.

 The Resident (2018)

All of us have watched a medical drama series with great interest at some point. TV history is rife with examples of super hit series with MD characters and hospital settings. M.A.S.H, Chicago Hope, ER, Scrubs, House MD, and Grey’s Anatomy are but a few of the series dedicated to the medical world.

The Resident focuses on the docs in training, the resident interns as well as nurse practitioners. The characters find themselves in emotional and ethical situations in the course of their care duties in ER as well as hospital medicine.

Even highly trained smart people can end up deliberately breaking the rules or make mistakes, and The Resident shows how it happens in the medical world. The convoluted nature of the rules in the medical industry are also brought into focus during the drama series.

Although there is some criticism by medical students on The Resident’s accuracy, it is a fictional show and everybody’s always going to take medical series with a grain of salt.

Catch The Resident on Fox HD channel.

Home Improvement (1991)

Ever since humans were cave dwellers the innate drive to improve our home has been the source of creative improvisation. Even today with smart homes taking verbal orders from us, some basic home improvements can improve our domestic life.

Who doesn’t know about the show Home Improvement? It was a super hit in the 1990s. Tim “Toolman” Taylor (Tim Allen) and his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) are raising three vivacious kids who are always up in arms and keeping their parents’ hands full. You’ll roll over laughing at the things this family gets into.

Anyone who has a loved one who is a power tools, cars, and sports fan will relate with Tim’s character. The family’s interactions with neighbor Wilson are also very amusing. But by far the most amazing thing about Home Improvement is that despite being an old series, the jokes are appropriate even for 2019. Unlike a lot of other older comedy series, there are no offensive jokes which you’d feel bad for laughing at. If you know any young ‘uns who haven’t seen Home Improvement, it is a chance to introduce them to a really funny show which encourages life skills and self-help.

Enjoy Home Improvement on Laff TV.

Judge Faith (2014)

Judge Judy is the pioneer of the TV court room reality series concept. She is a legend who has settled hundreds of real life small claims cases. This genre of reality TV is something relevant to all of us, it is not hard core crime court rather it deals with disputes all law abiding regular folks could find themselves in. If you’ve been an avid fan of Judge Judy, it’s time for you to switch on the TV when Judge Faith is on.

Similar to Judy, Faith also has a background in the court and judicial system. She brings her experience to the arbitration court and solves people’s disagreements in a fair minded and often light hearted manner.

One good reason to watch this show is that you’ll be able to recognize real life situations which could end up in court, and be able to stay on the right side of the law. You’ll also learn about your rights and concepts of law which can be handy in life, such as the intricacies of a landlord-tenant relationship.

Watch Judge Faith on AMG TV.

Odd Squad (2014)

Kids deserve to have fun when they’re not in school. Odd squad is a live action children’s series. The storyline is focused on an investigative organization run by children. The adorable little detectives use math skills to solve mysteries.

What could be better? Kids get a taste of suspense while they’re learning about analytical inference and numbers skills. This will help your kids do better in school. Another thing to learn from Odd Squad is team work. Nobody can achieve anything alone. This message is also vital to educate kids on social interactions, seeking consensus, disagreement handling. 

Of course, there is plenty of imaginative fiction to appeal to the fantasies of children.

Odd Squad airs on PBS Kids.

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