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Best TV and Internet Deals

Savings in 2019: Best TV and Internet Deals

Life i n’t ea y Learning begin right at the time of birth Le on begin from cradle and we continue to learn till grave A we grow older we learn to negotiate with more and more ta k The number of thing we have to handle keep mounting and we... more...
Cyber Security

5 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

The inception of the internet ha een the world move into another dimen ion It i like the era before the internet wa night and the light of day that now hine i the un we know a the internet Thi innovation of connectivity brought about... more...
How Much Should I Be Paying for Cable TV?

How Much Should I Be Paying for Cable TV?

One cannot overlook the fact that the internet, Televi ion, and phone have become ome of the nece itie of modern life One way or another, we need one of the e to communicate, connect or entertain our elve One may think that there are... more...
Tips for safe holidays

3 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

Traveling during the holiday ea on alway remind me of the movie, Home Alone A home filled with loved one , everyone with their preference , everyone ru hing to meet the deadline, and at the end making it in time Fortunately, we don’t leave a... more...
Internet speed for gaming

Lag Less, Play More; 5 Ways To Optimize Internet Speed For Gaming

You’re racing your car and are at the la t bend or playing a fir t-per on hooting game and you’re a ingle hot away from becoming the la t man tanding Suddenly our creen freeze for a plit econd and whoop it’ all gone, you either... more...
cable packages

Basic Cable Packages

The cable ervice indu try i facing inten e competition due to variou companie offering thi ervice to the con umer Moreover, the introduction of atellite TV and movie ite like Netflix ha made the competition even fiercer than before There... more...
internet connection

8 Hints to the Right Internet Connection

Moving Looking to change your ervice provider Getting an internet connection for the fir t time There are a ton of provider offering a myriad of plan Choo ing the be t option often become a nightmare o we decided to help you out with a imple... more...

Comcast Appoints Elaine Barden As Vice President of Business Development in California

Today, Elaine Barden wa elected by Comca t a the vice pre ident of bu ine development and trategic initiative in California She i now ba ed in Livermore, California office and i uppo ed to report her finding and concern to John Gauder... more...

Xfinity Mobile to bring iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max on Sept. 21

A we peak, on September 14 we witne ed the relea e of the iPhone X erie that brought a great wave of a technological upgrade in the iPhone erie Not only doe it po e new feature that make the experience more luxuriou and entertaining but... more...
xfinity comcast

Temporary Outage in Xfinity Cable Services this Wednesday

It i not a common occurrence that Xfinity u er experience trouble in the ervice that Xfinity offer to their cu tomer Xfinity ervice have been careful at providing a reliable, if not perfect, ervice to their cu tomer and the incident that... more...