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6 Ways to Save More on Internet & Cable Bills

Internet and television are the basics in this modern age. These aren’t the basics of life but certainly the key components of life in the technological age. No matter what we need, the internet will help us get through – whether we are lost in... more...

Why DIRECTV is a Great Option

We all know that the more companies there are fighting for market share, the better it is for consumers. Competition drives down prices, improves customer service, and enables users to enjoy better quality products. When it comes to TV services,... more...

Awesome New TV Series Premiering Soon

This promises to be a great year for cable TV entertainment. Several series with highly original plots are either in filming or post-production phase. These titles are highly anticipated due to the producers, directors, and actors... more...

How Landline Phones Can Save You Money

During the last decade, it has been a trend to forego landline phone services with the hope of relying on wireless service plans to meet communication needs. People had this idea that the digital home phones were not necessary as their cellphone is... more...

Best Home Security Systems 2019

It’s the digital age. Everything seems to be “smart” lately. Our reliance on gadgets and sensors to make life easier is on the up and up. And why not? Technology never sleeps, and rarely throws up false alarms. So just like we... more...

9 Great High School Basketball Prospects

The Class of 2020 is set to produce several talented players who will excel on college arena courts in the coming years. We shine the spotlight on the various players who will be heading to NCAA Division I teams. Fans have high... more...

How to Connect iPhone to TV

We all need to connect our phone to our HDTV every now and then in order to see photos, videos, art, presentations and games on TV. It is something that is relatively simple with an Android device but the iPhone takes a bit more to... more...

Best Cable TV Packages for 2019

All of us are on the search to find the best cable TV deals. Everyone wants something that suits them. Those with a family are on the lookout for TV packages that can cater to not only themselves but the entire household or anyone who may happen to... more...

Private IP: To Have or Not to Have

Computers and internet have revolutionized communication. Personal or official, they have changed everything. Distances don’t matter and messages and documents can be sent with just a single click. This expansion brings convenience that the... more...

How to Program DIRECTV Universal, Genie & Ready Remote

There are two methods by which you can program your DIRECTV Universal remote. Let’s look at the easier of the two methods first. Method 1 Press “Menu” on your remote.From the Menu select Settings & Help followed by... more...